Here you'll find a few larger photos of things I find interesting around the New Plymouth area.  If you right click and choose view image you'll find most of the images pop-up to a reasonable size.  The price you have to pay though is that this page may be very slow loading if your not on a fast connection.

The other thing I've got here is a slide show of interesting things around the area, well, to be more truefull, it's actually just things that I find interesting... but hey, forgive me I am only human.

Views from 16 Havelock Bed and Breakfast

bedroom view

This is the view of the Ocean from our Seabreeze room.

lounge view Taranaki

If your sitting on the Lounge, this is the view you'll get of Mount Taranaki. Sunset and Sunrise for the early birds is simply magnificent.

Bed and Breakfast New Plymouth view from backyard

The backyard is elevated above the roofline of the house and offers fantastic views down through New Plymouth and over the Waiwakato river.

Room views

Here are a few shots of the rooms at 16 Havelock in a larger size so you can check them out in a little better detail.

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coastal walkway


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Mt Egmont